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Dam of Addiction

Grandam of Addiction

LLSF Addiction AY792

BD: 3/13/13       ASA#2762392

MCM Top Grade 018X M

Dam:  LLSF Eye Candy Y792

EPD’s:  BW  0.3          WW  59.8      YW  92.8

REA       IMF       FT        WDA     FS       API
14.72     3.21     0.21        3.82      5.4        141


Black Baldy Dbl. Polled Purebred

LLSF Addiction has a lot of good things that he brings to the table. Out of the $40,000 first calf heifer, LLSF Eye Candy, he was born unassisted with a birth weight of 77lbs. His grandam, LLSF Cayenne, has been one of the cornerstone donors of the Lee Simmental Farms program. His unique pedigree is a blending of some outstanding cow families that make for a great set of EPDs that have calving ease as well as performance built in.  


BD: 1/16/10       ASA#2568361
Owned with Mark Jackson

LBS The Foreman 702T

Dam:  Rhythm 418P

EPD’s:  BW  3.1          WW  57.5      YW  83.1   


Black Polled

Full Caliber is without a doubt one of the most unique PB Simmental sires to ever come along. Moderate, massive hip and top, with extension through his front end to make highly marketable replacement females and bulls. Full Caliber is heavy structured yet sound on the move. He has the potential to bring power and substance to the breed in a soft easy to maintain package. Semen on this bull is not available to the public. There is semen available through Purvine Farms on Ruby NFF Exemplifier X052 (ASA # 2568339), another full brother to Excalibur and Full Caliber.  

PFI New Plan 334N

BD: 3/30/03       BW: 65 lbs.       ASA # 2342565

Burns Bull C339U

Dam:  3C Krocus K384 BZ
(Meyer Ranch 734 x Emmons Black Hercules)

EPD’s:  BW  +1.2          WW  +24.5       YW  +48

Black, Polled, Purebred Simmental

New Plan is without question one of the most powerfully muscled, soundest structured, moderate, easy fleshing PB Simmental sires to come along in a while.  I have described New Plan’s conformation to many as being Ohlde-esc, in comparison to other sires in his breed.  New Plan is the answer if you need to moderate, soften, and power-up, larger framed females.  Use him with confidence on first calf heifers.  New Plan is the ideal bull for developing, high value, high demand, SimAngus replacements.  His strip face consistently produces blazes and baldies on Angus females.  It’s time to stop Dream’n and get a New Plan. 

New Plan's Semen is $40 and available from REI


PFI YaHoo 198  •  ASA #2056086
Polled 3/4 SM, 1/4 AN  •  BW 72 lbs.

Sire: Burns Bull C339U
Meyer Ranch 734

Semen $50 per unit – Available through REI

Semen available through REI, SEK, Cattle Call and Cattle Visions

PFI Meyer 8609 409P ET
BD 10/27/04        BW: 74 lbs.

Meyer Ranch 734

Dam: PAF Primrose 8609 (6807 x EXT)

409P is a direct ET son of the legendary Meyer 734.  His mother, 8609, is our top Angus donor and one of the biggest bodied, widest based Angus females you will find anywhere.  409P is the ideal SimAngus sire for replacement female and commercial sire development.  Impeccable maternal power


PFI Stone Cold
3/8 SM, 1/8 MA, 1/2 AN

Sire: BS Black Diamond 102K
Meyer son

Semen $20 per unit – Available through REI

SF Sir Duke 0421 P ET
BD: 3/18/04      BW: 70      WW: 618

Polled Purebred Charolais AICA # M682483

Sire: VCR Sir Duke 914 PLD
Dam: EC Tabor 79D PLD (DC Jupiter 2061)

EPD’s:   BW +1.3      WW +26      YW +44      Milk +21

After two years I talked Mike into selling me part of this bull. Sir Duke 0421 is an impressive phenotype package and his calves are awesome. This is as powerful, moderate, correct, and sound structured a Charolais bull as I have ever seen. This picture is good but doesn’t reveal the amount of length and extension he has upfront, but believe me it’s there and he sires it as well. If you are looking to raise steers or develop replacements this is as good a Charolais bull as anyone is promoting today.

Owned with Mike Detherage

Semen $20 per unit - available through REI

DCC Sweetness  •  #350471

Sire: Cowans Ali 4M
DCC Playmate 33L

BW: 2.6  WW: 50.1  YW: 91.5  Milk: 16.3  Tenderness: **

The soundest structured, freest moving PB Maine bull you will find and one of the most popular Maine bulls in the yards at Denver.  We are anxiously awaiting his first progeny coming this spring.

Semen $20 per unit - Available through REI and Cattle Visions

Dam of Sweetness


BK EUC Rampage 245R  •  #350655
BD: 3/06/05

Sire: BK Euchee 694N
BKDJ Nadia 307

BW: 2.5   WW: 49.1   YW: 93.7   Milk: 12.6

Selected by Purvine Farms at the 2006 Cattlemen’s Choice bull sale in Denver from Buck Cattle Co. Rampage is a powerful, clean made, sound moving purebred Maine bull who combines the phenotype and pedigree for both Maine and club-calf herds alike.

Semen $20 per unit – Available through REI

Owned with Nohavitza Brothers

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GF Mastermind 909R  •  #349302
BD: 4/10/05  •  BW: 82 lbs.

Sire: Irish Whiskey

BW: 2.7   WW: 50   YW: 95   Milk: 17

Mastermind’s dam is a proven donor cow in the Gregory Farms herd. Two years ago she produced four full brothers that averaged $19,000. This bull is incredibly thick and big boned with ideal body shape and super clean, cool front end.

Semen $20 per unit – Available through REI

Owned with Nohavitza Brothers

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Caesar “JKC”
KF Caesar "JKC"  •  AMAA 245118
Polled 1/2 MA, 1/2 AN 

Sire: DJ Caesar

Calving ease sire.

Semen $40, through REI

Owned by Purvine Farms and Kellner Farms

Thunder Struck
PFI Thunder Struck 303N  •  ACA #309412

Sire: Who Made Who
Miller Ranching 12J (Desert Storm)

Thunder Struck is showing tremendous promise as a sire of quality prospects and replacements for the club calf industry – much like his sire, Who Made Who.  He has been used on a variety of cows, and has proven to work well on any type of female. Thunder Struck displays a powerful combination of muscle and eye appeal, with one of the longest cleanest front ends you will find on any mature bull. Seven daughters sell bred in the November 18 Collection.

Semen $20, through REI

Owned by Purvine Farms

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Purvine Farms - Fay, Oklahoma
Chet Purvine
Daughters - Ashlee & Rebecca Purvine
e-mail: [email protected]

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